Photo by SirCam

Photo of the Gwydir St tree by SirCam

This year’s Festive Lights Switch-On was held in the Great Eastern Street Car Park on 14 November. Mayor Robert Dryden led the countdown to the switch-on at 5:30, and we celebrated a new festive tree on Mill Road.

The lights were made possible by this year’s Festive Lights sponsors: the writing company Wizessay, The Earl of Beaconsfield and Al:Amin Delicatessen Stores. We are also grateful to generous donations and fundraising from Relevant Records Café; The Six Bells; The Earl of Beaconsfield and Cllr Kevin Blencowe.


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Mill Road in Cambridge is a wonderful place to live, work or visit. It is known and loved for its international and independent array of shops. There is strong support for our local small businesses and there is a strong sense of community in this part of Cambridge.

There are a number of local community groups who volunteer their time for the benefit of the area. We have residents associations, a traders’ association, a garden club, a voluntary committee dedicated to our annual Winter Fair (see and much, much more.

Each year, one group of volunteers comes together to arrange the Festive Lights for Mill Road. The Festive Lights are so called because of our multicultural community; we have, and welcome, people of all faiths and backgrounds.


Tree lights at the top of Ross Street

Tree lights at the top of Ross Street


We believe that:

  • Festive lights improve the appearance of our street throughout the winter season
  • When the street looks good, people are more respectful of it
  • Festive lights show that we are a prosperous and thriving part of the city
  • The attention that the lights attract showcases the wonderful variety of shops and services that we have here
  • Festive lights provide a common point of celebration for a wide variety of community members
  • Through a range of initiatives including the Festive Lights, we believe that Mill Road’s community cohesion is flourishing, as is community pride, loyalty and cooperation.

We have funded lights in trees at a number of locations along Mill Road and we think this unique and iconic type of lighting really suits the area:

  • Petersfield
  • Ditchburn Place
  • St Barnabas Church
  • Gwydir Street
  • Cavendish Road
  • Ross Street

This website is dedicated to information about our lights, the committee, fundraising and our switch on event.



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