Mill Road Festive Lights are currently looking to raise a target of £14,000. The Festive Lights Committee is a not for profit community organisation and all participants are involved on a voluntary basis, with the support of the City Council funded Mill Road Co-ordinator. All donations will be used to pay for the following:

£3,300 – Repair, PAT testing, installation and take down of Mill Road’s existing stock of 30 snowflake lights

£1,500 – Maintenance costs of the LED lights on trees at Gwydir Street, St Barnabas Church and Petersfield, as well as maintenance for new trees at Cavendish Road and Cambridge Bed Centre, plus the electricity costs

£1,200 – Running costs of a switch on event, including event brochure and insurance

£3,000 – The future provision of festive lights on Mill Road

£5,000 – Funding the installation of LED lighting in trees in Romsey


If you wish to donate:

Cheque – payable to ‘Mill Road Festive Lights’ and post/drop in to Steve at Cutlacks, 264-268 Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 3NF, or Abdul at Al Amin, 100a-102 Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 2BD

Online - Account Name: Mill Road Festive Lights, Sort code: 770502, Account Number: 19684060

Look out for donation buckets at CUTLACKS, THE KINGSTON ARMS, the local NIP IN store and at the SWITCH ON EVENT


£5000.00 from Cambridge City Council – for the installation of LED lighting in trees at Cavendish Road and Cambridge Bed Centre

£2,955.00 from local businesses donations – for the installation of 30 snowflake lights along Mill Road

£1,000.00 from the local Co-operative Food store towards snowflakes, maintenance and switch on event

£150.00 from the Suzy Oakes Trust – to contribute towards the installation of snowflake lights on Mill Road

£157.00 from collection buckets – to go towards switch on event costs

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