Tree lights


We also light a number of trees along Mill Road. So far we have LED lights on trees at Petersfield, Ditchburn Place, Gwydir Street, Cavendish Road and Ross Street. These cost roughly around £2500 each (depending on the size of the tree) and have a maintenance cost every 3-4 years.


 This is what we spent in 2015:

£2,018- To Lamps and Tubes Illuminations Ltd for the installation of lights at Ditchburn Place tree

£425- to Balfour Beatty for the installation of a power box on the lamp column for the Ditchburn tree

£354.00 – to Lamps and Tubes Illumination for switch on call out to get all trees set up on their timers

£300.00 – To Lamps and Tubes to attend the switch=on event and ensure the lights went on as planned

£924 – To Lamps & Tubes for various repairs to tree lights along Mill Road (Petersfield Green, Ditchburn Place, the Bath House, Great Eastern Street and Cavendish Road)

These figures do not include VAT.

How can I help?

You can donate money, or arrange a fundraiser event to help us. You could help us with publicity, sponsorship or you could also volunteer some time and join the committee.

Street by Street Action

There are lovely trees on Mill Road which sit at the end of some of our side streets and we’d like to get the people who live nearby involved.

We are hoping to find a champion on each street who could galvanise their neighbours into getting together to make this happen. This would involve dropping letters to your neighbours, or giving them a knock and talking to them about the project.

Get Involved

Festive lights have to be paid for and arranged by someone – it’s more work than most people think. Our committee needs help to make Mill Road’s festive lights bigger and better each year.

Please get in touch if you want to get involved.

Snowflake Lights


We own 30 LED lights that are snowflake shaped. In the past, these have gone up on the outside of shops long Mill Road from November to January. It costs us around £3500 every year – this covers installation, take down and maintenance visits. In 2014 and 2015, we have not had the resources to put them up – a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money was unsuccessful.

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